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Creating brand-awareness has become essential, and tying a brand to a quality standard can be a winning card. Our ability to produce Private Label indicates flexibility and productive versatility. Our know-how at the service of the customer’s brand is today one of the determining aspects of our corporate identity.
Our R&D, Marketing & Sales and Quality Control teams are able to develop customized solutions in terms of recipe, certifications, volumes, graphic development and logistics service. In the beverage sector, our unique and differentiated IPI Caliz 1000 packaging guarantees the end customer a new, exclusive and practical consumer experience. As well as other products in the range, including industrial semi-finished products, we develop B2C and B2B solutions dedicated to the Food & Beverage sectors, with high service content and customization.
The Private Label service is therefore one of the distinctive features of our company.

Packaging renewable up to 90%

Our aseptic packaging is renewable, mainly being composed of materials from renewable sources.

Certified quality

Product certifications refer to the control of the supply chain, origins and food safety.

The Organic Certification establishes compliance with the principles of organic production, that is, without the use of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides) and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Religious food certifications (KOSHER for the Jewish markets and HALAL for the Muslim ones) relate to the respect of some particular product characteristics. Finally, company food certifications (IFS and BRC) relate to all company’s and stakeholders’ processes.

Our company has recently achieved the highest level of certification standards for both BRC (AA) and IFS (99.09%).

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Certificazione Halal
Certificazione IFS Food
Certificazione KF
Certificazione Organic


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Abbiamo a cuore la salute del nostro pianeta e dei nostri consumatori. Per questo da più di 40 anni lavoriamo per realizzare alimenti vegetali, naturali, gustosi e sostenibili.

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We care about the well-being of our planet and our consumers. For this reason, for more than 40 years, we have been working on creating plant-based, natural, tasty and sustainable food products.

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