Mand’Or Line



is the Premium Quality Almond Drink, with a high content of vitamin E and proteins, without the addition of arti cial avors, colorants and preservatives. Thanks to its balanced and natural taste, Mand’Or is a concentrate of pure freshness: one liter contains about 100 almonds.

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Mand’OR 3

with Almond
Hazelnut and Pistachio

is the rst and only drink with almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios. It includes all the best properties of the 3 upstanding fruits, without the addition of avorings. It is gluten, lactose, soy and cholesterol free.

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Mand’Or Light+Calcium

the Premium Low Calories,
Almond Drink

with a low content of sugar and enriched with Calcium. It is a light Pure Almond Drink, without sacrificing the great taste of roasted almonds.
With only 49 kcal per 100 ml, provides 30% of the daily value of Calcium. It is gluten, lactose, soy and cholesterol free.

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Mand’Or Organic

is made with 5,5% of organic almonds, is sugar free (sucrose) and slighty sweetened with organic grape sugar.

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Mand’Or Almond Paste

is the best ingredient for almond milk, almond based ice cream, water- ice (granita) and cakes. Made with an exclusive selection of Mediterranean almonds, this typical Italian product follow a “hand-made” tradition in order to guarantee a rich, natural and genuine product, without the addition of dyes and preservatives.

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