Crem’Or, your daily Nut Spreads

Almond spreadable cream

Crem'Or almond spread cream contains the essence of one of the fruits - hence flavors and aromas - of one of the fruits of a whole territory. Ideal to spread and as a garnish for cakes and sweets.

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Hazelnut spreadable cream

Crem'Or hazelnut cream guarantees a delicate flavor thanks to the use of selected raw materials. Ideal as part of a full breakfast or a half-day snack filled with sweetness and energy.

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Pistachio spreadable cream

The pistachio spread cream Crem'Or is able to express all the taste of green gold, one of the most appreciated products in every part of the world. Great to spread, it can also be used as a delicious fillet for croissants and croissants and as a cover for homemade cakes.

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